Dacron Sails

Economic and durable

Dacron is a woven Polyester sail cloth. Although lots of new materials and techniques have evolved in the last decades, most sails are still built in Dacron, for price, and longevity.


But not all white sails are the same. Also, Dacron woven have evolved this years and we have learned how to get the most of them and to select them for the right application, making the most of the modern design software and plotter cutting.


We use an extended catalog with different Dacron cloth for each aplication. We treat Dacron sails with the same level of design and care for the detail as we do with laminates or membrane sails.


With the folowing lines of product, we can cover most needs, but we have access to many more.

The ultimate value coastal cruising sails,
Basic Dacron Sails are Cross Cut Dacron Cruising Sails built from Blue Water Cruise Dacron (BCD) to a high standard of finish but without our normal customization offer. Custom options are limited, and cloth weight is fixed. By keeping the sail production standard and based on proven design templates, we can streamline production and therefore minimize labour and material costs to provide amazing value whilst still maintaining our standards for quality and durability.

High modulus Dacron
Our goal is to make sails that retain their shape overtime and through a wider wind range. We do that adapting the properties of the sailcloth to the loads of the sail. In the Cross Cut construction with High Modulus Premium sailcloth we try to achive this by adapting the properties of the cloth for the main loads.

Premium radial woven. Warp-Drive™

Warp-Drive has the performance of a laminate with the durability of a woven. Laminate fabrics are prone to mildew which erode the material binding the fibers within the film together. Warp-Drive is a polyester based woven construction, which will not delaminate or mildew.

Both Trysails and Jibs can be custom designed or ordered in our standard sizes, in Orange Polyester or our white Strong Fill Dacron (SFD) combined with our recommended One Square Meter of Bright Orange.


ORC and ISAF rules state:

“It is strongly recommended that every storm sail should either be of highly-visible coloured material (eg dayglo pink, orange or yellow) or have a highly visible coloured patch added on each side.”


SP Sails recommends that Storm Sails should be in bright orange and in Australia and New Zealand this is now mandatory. As a bare minimum, white Dacron should have patches in bright orange.


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