Basic Dacron

The ultimate value coastal cruising sails

¡Basic Dacron Sails are Cross Cut Dacron Cruising Sails built from Blue Water Cruise Dacron (BCD) to a high standard of finish but without our normal customization offer. Custom options are limited, and cloth weight is fixed. By keeping the sail production standard and based on proven design templates, we can streamline production and therefore minimize labour and material costs to provide amazing value whilst still maintaining our standards for quality and durability.


Our Basic Dacron line offers the ultimate value for coastal cruising Dacron sails for yachts from 6m (18ft) to 13m (45ft).

There are only limited options. For mainsails a Cunningham or load bearing slides, and on headsails a foam luff and Head or tack Pennant. Acrylic or Dacron UV options are also available and Sail numbers can be specified. The default Dacron sail bag can be upgraded to a zipper bag.

We design Cross Cut, Basic Dacron, Mainsails and Headsails with the best design software, adapting from our proven design templates.

Basic Dacron Sails use our popular range of Blue Water Cruise Dacron sailcloth, with a medium to soft hand finish for easy handling and durability. Cloth selection is determined by the sail area.

Cross Cut, Basic Dacron Sails, are the best value for Coastal Cruisers, Sailing Schools, and Charter companies.



Basic dacron sails. Features.

With our best knowledge, we will build all Bare Essential Sails with the standard features listed here.

1. Aluminum Anodized Headboard

2. Hard Braid Bolt Rope or webbed on slides for mainsail

3. Wool or Nylon Telltales

4. Rugged Polyester leech lines

5. Leech and Foot lines secured by V-Cleats on smaller sails and Clam cleats on larger sails

6. Drawstring Bag in a standard colour

7. Top full and 3 short flat Vinylester battens

8. Luff box on top full batten

9. Block corner Reinforcing Patches

10. 1 or 2 rows of 3 step stitching with UV bonded thread

11. Slides for Mainsails sewn on by machine

12. Mainsails batten pockets with Velcro leech closures

13. Strong polyester webbing at head and tack

14. Luff tape or Swedish hanks on Headsails


A limited number of essential options are available as detail here.

1. Reefs

2. Cunningham

3. Upgrade to Headsail double Zipper Bag

4. UV Cover on Furling headsail

5. Upgrade to Mainsail Zipper Bag

6. UV Cover on Furling mainsail clew

7. Sail Numbers in Blue

8. Foam Luff

10. Rutgerson Load bearing slides

11. Head or tack Pennants


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