Premium Cross Cut

High modulus Dacron

Our goal is to make sails that retain their shape overtime and through a wider wind range. We do that adapting the properties of the sailcloth to the loads of the sail. In the Cross Cut construction with High Modulus Premium sailcloth we try to achive this by adapting the properties of the cloth for the main loads.


A high aspect sail is tall and thin. It generates the most load along the leech. A High Aspect cloth has larger fill yarns and is very strong in the fill direction. The warp yarns almost touch each other in the weave, creating tunnels in the construction which keeps the fill yarns geometrically straight and low stretch. The result is better vertical resistance, shape stability and durability.


A Low Aspect Sail is short and wide. The loading directions are not parallel, and run more toward the center of the sail. Low Aspect cloths generally have larger warp yarns than in a high aspect fabric, and while the fill yarn is bigger than the warp yarn, they are closer to equal size than in a High Aspect Cloth. There is more even crimp between the two fibers. The even crimp allows the yarns to grab each other, this creating a strong resistance to bias stretch. 

The High Modulus sailcloth styles are designed by the Challenge Engineering team to be high performing, strong and durable. The tight weave, exclusive Fiber 104  and proprietary finishing techniques lead to a cloth that makes great sails. 

Fiber 104 is the highest shrinkage polyester yarn used in sailcloth. The Challenge R&D engineering team conducted a collaborative search with leading fiber manufacturers and textile engineers. The purpose of the search was to find the highest shrinkage, highest tenacity yarn in the world. The search resulted in Fiber 104. The high shrinkage makes very tight woven fabrics, with the greatest quantity of fiber Interlockings™.


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