Radial Premium

Premium radial woven. Warp-Drive™

Challenge Warp-Drive is a unique woven solution used to make Radial Sails. This woven solution allows us to make beautiful white sails that previously could only be constructed using laminates. Warp-Drive is made using Challenge’s process of weaving straight warp yarns in heavy fabrics. The fill yarns take the crimp during the weaving process and encapsulate the warp yarns.

Warp-Drive has the performance of a laminate with the durability of a woven. Laminate fabrics are prone to mildew which erode the material binding the fibers within the film together. Warp-Drive is a polyester based woven construction, which will not delaminate or mildew.


Why Radial?


A cross cut sail aligns the straight fill yarn with the load direction. A Radial sail using Challenge's Warp-Drive aligns the straight warp yarn with the load direction. A major advantage of radial construction is that the warp yarns closely follow the load lines in the sail, so the stability of the air-foil depends much less on the bias strength of the cloth. 


This means that the sail doesn't rely on resin to maintain its camber, and as a result holds its shape much longer, long after the crosscut sail has been distorted. We can now make a sail that holds its shape with a softer, easy to handle material. A sail of woven Warp-Drive sailcloth holds its shape far longer than a crosscut woven sail. It is more economical than a cruising laminate sail, and it won't mildew as will a laminated sail.

Premium Radial Cruise. Waves

Our Radial Weaves product line was designed specifically for sailors who desire a radial construction and also are seeking the best value on the market. The constructions were built using the same concept as Warp-Drive of aligning the strength of the warp direction fabric with the loading direction of the sail. 


Challenge Radial Weaves is designed specifically to have long lasting shape and finish. The product line uses tight weaves with balanced constructions to create the mechanical advantage important in cruising cloths. The line is engineered using large warp yarns which inhibit stretch in the warp direction of the fabric. Premium Radial cruise uses High Mass Fiber Technology constructions which provides best in class UV resistance and durability. Radial Weaves has its own unique finish specific to ensure low bias stretch and good recovery metrics. 

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