Downwind Sails

Spinnakers, Gennaker and Code Zero

We build downwind sails for both racing and cruising applications.
Our downwind range includes Symmetrical Kites, Racing Asymetrics, Code Zeros and Cruising Gennakers.

Downwind Cruising Sails

Our Cruising Range of downwind spinnakers and asymetric cruising chutes are designed to be stable and easy to handle.

We use top quality cloth and design using full radial layouts and  we cut and build using quality webbing reinforcements and radial patches.

The introduction of Top Down Furlers, has revolutionised the ease of handling of downwind sails and makes fast downwind and light air cruising much more user friendly. Please talk to us today about the different sail handling options available.

Code Zeros have now become a fantastic choice of performance enhancing sail for the cruiser, a light to medium air close reaching sail that furls and stows with ease and lessens the amount of motoring time.

Downwind Racing Sails

For the racing sailor, we supply the full range of Spinnaker and Asymmetric sails.
From deep A2  runners, to C5 and C0 reachers, we work personally with you  to identify your sail plan’s performance weak spots and improve all round race boat speed.

As specialists in A-Sails, we help you to understand how to get the best out of them and the easiest ways to handle them.
We build with the best material manufacturers, and use the best downwind sail design software available.



Contact Christian Fornes by mail or call +34 649493354

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