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Composite Sails

What makes a better sail, cruising, or racing, lies in reducing stretch. If your sails stretch and the shape becomes fuller as the breeze builds, first, you heel over more than you should or want to. The boat becomes difficult to control. Balance is lost, and weather helm develops so you have to fight the helm and as well as reducing speed you are obligated to reduce sail. The best sails don't stretch and therefore hold their shape in a wider wind range. Then comes longevity, resistance, and sail handling. 

Black magic®, the latest technology in sail making is composite sails. It results from combining the techniques of membrane sails with microlayers of fiber called L i t e S k i n ®. The membrane fiber strings, (Carbon, Dyneema or Technora) support the main loads of the sail, while the layers of L i t e S k i n ® support the secondary loads, helping to maintain the shape. The result is a rigid wing that holds the shape further up the wind range.

DIMENSION-POLYANT has developed the Lite Skin® composite product to address an overlapping concern for both racers and cruisers: a light, rugged sailcloth skin for increased durability. The Lite Skin® is a sheet of random array, non-woven filaments that provides increased abrasion resistance at a minimal weight gain.The Lite Skin® is further accented with an opaque finish that virtually eliminates the traditional paneled sail appearance, delivering a sleek visual look. Lite Skin™ provides specific advantages when compared to the standard film / film and taffeta products. 

With SP Black Magic® Sails, we use layers of L i t e S k i n ® as an outer shield, instead of film or taffeta, resulting in a super resistant grey opaque finish with a soft hand for cruisers and cruiser-racers and with Black Magic-i® we use internal layers of L i t e S k i n ® and a smooth Mylar finish for pure racing Mainsails and Jibs.


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