Radial Laminate Sails

Toughest laminates. Best design

Our laminate sails are designed and constructed from a variety of laminates and methods; one of which will be ideal for your purpose, whether racing or cruising.
The stability of shape that these sails afford will please all who use them.
We specially recomend our new cloths FTL and OCL

New Ocean Cruise Laminate - New Dyneema Laminate. Super tough laminate for boats that have ocean pasage in their programme.


New SoftLam- FTL consists of a mylar film with tafetas on the outside. Very stable and with good sun protection, it is recomended for furling aplications, combined with luff pads for optimum shape furled.

Polyester Cruising Laminates- PCL
The PCL range of Taffeta-on-Taffeta Polyester laminates is suitable for cruising applications up to 45 feet using radial construction. 

PCL utilises two films, is laminated as a membrane and has tear strength and impact resistance. The Taffeta exterior cover is available as standard in white and in grey to special order.
The Taffeta cover is laminated with an Anti Fungicide for the prevention of mildew and mould growth that can occur with this type of Sailcloth.

Radial Dinghy Laminates (RDL)  Unique warp orientated polyester laminate designed to be used for a variety of one design and small keelboat applications. 
The cloth is ideally suited for radial construction of sails for club and school fleets, our RDL cloth exhibits good durability as well as performance providing a rugged construction and a modern hi-tech appearance.

Warp-Drive is a polyester based woven construction, which will not mildew. Using high tenacity yarns. Challenge Sailcloth has created two selections of Warp-Drive™ sailcloth. Some styles are  woven using larger fill yarns on the surface area of the cloth to increase durability and UV resistance from degradation. These styles are perfect for the long range sailor and those sailing in the tropics. Speak to your sailmaker to choose the best cloth for you!


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