Radial Laminate Sails

Toughest laminates. Best design

Our Radial Laminate sails are designed and constructed from a variety of laminates and methods; one of which will be ideal for your purpose, whether racing or cruising.
The stability of shape that these sails afford will please all who use them.

Cruising Laminate - DCX

Cruising Laminates were designed for demanding blue water sailors. They combine technical efficiency, durability, and easy handling. The special UVM® coating provides a high resistance against UV and mildew.

We use the new DCX line from Dimension-Polyant, a further development of the successful and well proven DC laminates. The core Polyester scrim gains off-threadline support with the insertion of a 9° X-Ply and is encapsulated between two layers of film. The outer taffetas provide a smooth surface and high abrasion resistance. 

DIMENSION-POLYANT cruising laminates were developed to create low stretch, durable, easy to handle furling high-tech sails. Two layers of polyester taffeta are laminated on both sides of a film-encapsulated scrim which proved to have excellent warp stretch performance and great tear strength. The rugged taffetas covering the film and scrim are coated with our unique UVM™ finish to improve UV resistance and to reduce the chances for mildew growth.


Racing laminate. ZZ Polyester

ZZ Polyester laminates are a durable and economical option for many small boats and one design classes that restrict the use of higher modulus fibers. At the same time they present a technical appearance in keeping with the carbon and black aramid fabrics on larger race boats.


Following on the success of the ZZ Black aramid laminates, the ZZ Polyester (ZZP) styles incorporate the same formed scrim and insertion technology to create a range of fabrics based on high tenacity polyester fibers. Polyester has excellent resistance to flex and its UV durability is further enhanced by a carbon black coating on the formed scrim. Designed for radial applications-

Aramid Sport & LiteSkin

If you are a keen Club Racer and look for the perfect combination between performance and longevity, Search no longer as Aramid Sport is the answer to keep you satisfied when enjoying your sailing hobby!  Based on Aramid load bearing fibres and manufactured with our proven insert and X-PLY®-technology, these laminates are only available with Dimension‑Polyant’s exclusive Lite Skin® to present your sail with the best possible lifespan. In the processing of only performance high tenacity fibers and premium films from our qualified suppliers, there is nothing left to chance on the way to a product that pleases so many of our customers.

Woven Radial

Challenge Warp-Drive is a unique woven solution used to make Radial Sails. This woven solution allows us to make beautiful white sails that previously could only be constructed using laminates. Warp-Drive is made using Challenge’s process of weaving straight warp yarns in heavy fabrics. The fill yarns take the crimp during the weaving process and encapsulate the warp yarns.

Warp-Drive has the performance of a laminate with the durability of a woven. Laminate fabrics are prone to mildew which erode the material binding the fibers within the film together. Warp-Drive is a polyester based woven construction, which will not delaminate or mildew.


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