Cruising Laminate

Cruising Laminates were designed for demanding blue water sailors. They combine technical efficiency, durability, and easy handling. The special UVM® coating provides a high resistance against UV and mildew.
We use the new DCX line from Dimension-Polyant, a further development of the successful and well proven DC laminates. The core Polyester scrim gains off-threadline support with the insertion of a 9° X-Ply and is encapsulated between two layers of film. The outer taffetas provide a smooth surface and high abrasion resistance.

DIMENSION-POLYANT cruising laminates were developed to create low stretch, durable, easy to handle furling high-tech sails. Two layers of polyester taffeta are laminated on both sides of a film-encapsulated scrim which proved to have excellent warp stretch performance and great tear strength. The rugged taffetas covering the film and scrim are coated with our unique UVM™ finish to improve UV resistance and to reduce the chances for mildew growth.




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