Whether cruising in local waters or adventuring afar oceans, sailors demand sails that  are durable, perform in a wide range of wind and are easy to handle in safety. At Sailing Performance, we design and specify the sails and accessories tailored to your boat and sailing programe, and we also advise and provide the best solutions for sail handling. Furlers, masts, rigging, hardware and ropes.

Cruising Sails

What sailing progame suits you best?


You like to go out in the bay for a few hours, anchor in the cove and hang out in the sea. Occasionally you make a voyage to a nearby island. You want reliable and easy to maneuver sails


You enjoy getting a little more performance out of your boat, getting a few degrees more against the wind and having your sails hold their shape when the breeze rises. You like to participate in a social regatta organized by your club and venture out on a multi-day trip


You like to have the boat equipped to be able to navigate all the seas, make longer navigations and enjoy sailing more than motor, because your sails adapt to a wider range of wind. Reliability, durability and easy handlig with safety.

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