Performance Cruising

Boats, rigging and sails have continually evolved, and the maneuvering concept also allows us to enjoy sailing much more.
We require sails to perform well in a wider wind range, without wearing out or going out of shape. New, stronger and lighter materials have made it possible to achieve these more versatile sails and, on the other hand, to reduce the sail inventory, leaving us more free space for storage.
Sail handling systems also have developed lots, and are becoming more and more reliable and safe. Mainsails are lowered by folding into your lazy bag or V-boom, or even rolled up on the mast or boom, the non-overlapping and furling jibs are practically controlled from the cockpit and now even Gennakers and Codes furl, facilitating the maneuver and providing a safety that encourages us to use them often.
Therefore, when we recommend high-end sails, sometimes it makes a lot of sense, because we are demanding that they perform, in a range of conditions that previously required several sails, and that when these sail changes were not made, they caused large heeling, loss of control and breakdowns.
A well-designed sail that holds shape and that we can adjust properly will give us better performance in a wider range of conditions.

Performance Cruising

Do you want to get more out of your boat and sails?


Cruise laminates are designed to meet the demands of offshore cruisers. They combine technical efficiency, durability and easy handling. Depending on the size of the boat and the sailing plan, they are available in Polyester, Dyneema or Hybrids fibers, with tough tafetas in the outer skin.  The application of a special UVM® coating also gives them high resistance to solar radiation and mold.


We reintroduce the affordable and durable membrane, ideal for Performance Cruisers and to participate in Club Regattas.

We renew this popular Sailing Performance technology, which consists of adding a structure of carbon fiber continuous tapes to a base of horizontal polyester or aramid panels and available with a film / film or taffeta finish on one side.


We achieve the best performance with membrane sails, where the panels are stringed and laminated specifically for each sail, with the fibers oriented according to the stress map.

This sails weigh less and last longer, holding shape.

Evolved from racing sails, they are now available in a multitude of fibers and finishes, to adapt to each sailing program.

Performance Cruising



Our range of cruising Gennakers are designed to be more stable and easier to handle.

We use the best quality Nylon fabrics and radial designs made with the most advanced design program.

With these sails, we enjoy sailing much more and the boring engine hours are drastically reduced,

Enjoy sailing with the wind in your favor, at a higher speed.


Developed from racing sails, the ease and safety of the handling, has made them an indispensable sail for the modern cruiser.

Especially on boats with small jibs, it doubles the sail area in the light and downwind.

With the safety of easily furling  it up for maneuvering.


Gennakers and Code 0s have revolutionized cruising, making downwind sailing much more pleasant and safe.

Sailing Performance advises you on the best systems for handling your sails.

Furlers, booms, bowsprits, platforms, cleats, blocks, sheets, halyards, ...

At SP Rigging we advise you with  the best solution.

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