As sailors we are passionate about racing in real time, with similar boats. Where the difference is mainly made by the crews. The sails and equipment are refined to the utmost, as performance depends on small details.

The One Design Classes allow us to evolve the sails, continuously applying small improvements to achieve maximum performance. One Design boats also give us the opportunity to make trim guides. The settings, the appropriate equipment, the maneuvers. The competition with identical boats makes us improve to the next level.

Until recently, this level of competition could only be experienced in dinghy sailing classes, or in professional categories. Now, with the popularity of some monotypes, we can enjoy this philosophy on established keelboats as a class or even popular series regatta cruisers, which run in narrow rating bands.


Having the same boats gives us access to very evolved and proven sails, which work the first time. Also specific equipment adapted to each class such as launch bags, hardware, cabinets or electronics.

At Sailing Performance, we use the latest technologies to design and build Sails and equipment that provide the best performance.


Flying Fifteen

For 2021 we have updated the 2019 designs, with 2 new, more powerful mainsails, a new jib and we keep the successful Spinnaker


J80 Specialists, our favorite class. New  Matrix D5 Main, new Black Magic Technora Jib and new Superkote and Elite Gennakers.


This class is taking central stage all over the world. We have good designs waiting for you made of the best sailcloth.

Christian Fornés
Project Manager
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